Pursuing knowledge to better understand
the how and why of good aesthetics.

Exploring the creation of art and design
through a variety of platforms, mediums, and collaborators.

Contemporary Fine Art

Currently completing an artist in residence and solo exhibition at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

I have exhibited digital work at galleries or auctions in London, New York City, San Francisco, Dubai, and online.

Web Design and Development

I am fascinated with web communities and the power of internet communication through good design and development.

Most recently I am working on a team at the University of Utah assisting over 200 editors with 150 different websites across campus.

Branded Art and Creative Direction

Social media has a proven track record for reaching the right audience. I have worked with brands to create beautiful content for their latest launch.

Collaborations and Brand Work

From committed long-term projects or creative bursts for social media campaigns,
these are some of the companies and brands I have worked with:

  • Gucci

    Social media campaign for new product launch

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  • Utah Museum of Contemporary Art

    Solo exhibtion: Metaphornography

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  • Huntsman Cancer Institute

    Long term consulting for web design and documentation

    *Examples behind a secure network

  • Arme de L'Amour

    Branded social media campaign for the high end jewelery company

    Example >

  • Cultured Mag

    Branded social media campaign and interview

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  • Plastik Mag

    Social media campaign, exclusive artworks, and interview.

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Introduce yourself

I am always looking for fun and exciting projects to work or collaborate on.